10 Big Screen Outfits That Changed My Life

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Part 1…because I could go on forever… Cinderella I was SO PISSED when those petty step sisters ruined Cinderella’s uber-feminine original ball gown. The bows! The bows! The cool blue-beaded necklace! And we also mustn’t forget that Gus pretty much put the crop … Continue reading

Why I Don’t Care About Being Called a Basic Bitch

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Most people could categorize me as a Basic Bitch, and I really don’t care. I love ballet flats and sweater vests (I’m wearing both as I type). I think that headbands are killer when styled correctly. Nothing gets me going … Continue reading

The Skinny On Halloween Treats

Since my attempt at Sober October fell through around 5 pm on October 1st, I figured that resolving to blog more this month would suffice!

I created this infographic for Fit Nation Magazine around this time last year, featuring some of the best ways to burn off Halloween goodies. Now that I have a Nike Fuel Band (I’m only 249 Nike Fuel Points away from today’s goal! I wonder if Nike Fuel is eco-friendly…), I’m thinking of creating another chart similar to this one, but posting the amount of steps it would take to burn off said treats instead. Stay tuned, and get snacking!

Move Over Psychology, Facebook Is Making Some Serious Personality Assessment Moves

Attention incoming college freshman: I suggest you pre-order your Psychology 101 books instead of trading upperclassmen for a hand-me-down edition with a case of Bud Light. Why? There’s a new personality theorist in town: Facebook.

Skinner, Eysenck, Maslow and Freud are going to have to make some extra room at their lunch table (we hope that Zuckerberg wears pink on Wednesdays) because according to a new app created by Five Labs, our everyday actions on Facebook showcase enough of our personalities to generate immediate assessments (how are you feeling about that ” haha BRB lightin this blunt, YOLO” status right about now?)

After reading this NY Times post last week,  I decided to give the personality tool a try, and I’m definitely not complaining about being compared to industry leaders like Bill Gates and Sheryl Sandberg along with my forever WCW Jennifer Lawrence (I can’t take all the credit on this one- I post about red wine and embarrassing moments a lot), but Facebook still doesn’t seem like the most…reliable judge of personality.

blog 1What do you think? Is your Facebook Personality on point?