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Celebrity Hairstyle Power Couples 

The Best Flats for Spring and Summer

The Best Heels for Spring and Summer

The Best Blonde Hair in Hollywood

The Best Brunettes in Hollywood

How to Copy Kate Mara’s Shimmery Brown Smoky Eye

How to Get Emma Stone’s Pastel Eyeshadow and Vintage Curls

How to Copy Shay Mitchell’s Bright Orange Lips

10 Vintage-Inspired Accessories for Spring

10 Classic Accessories for Spring

Create Olivia Wilde’s Fierce Cateye

How to Get Anna Kendrick’s Romantic Side Ponytail

How to Copy Sophie Turner’s Emerald Green Eye Makeup

The Best Valentine’s Day Gifts for Him and Her

How to Create Cobie Smulders’s All-Over Rosy Glow

How to Wear Blush Pink

Get Miranda Lambert’s Side-Swept Vintage Curls

10 Must-Have Oxford Shirts

How to Create Sandra Bullock’s Messy Romantic Hairstyle

Try Natalie Zea’s Rose Gold Smoky Eye

How to Create Kristen Wiig’s Warm Makeup Look

Spring Break Dreaming: Our Favorite Sunglasses

Get Your Glow On With Lupita Nyong’o’s Red Carpet Look

Love & Relationships 


One More Time: 5 Pros of Having Ex Sex

Celebrating You: How to Be Your Own Valentine

7 Post-Breakup Habits That Actually Make You Feel Worse

10 Romantic Movies To Watch Instead of Texting Your Ex Back

What Means The Most To Women, Ranked (INFOGRAPHIC)

6 Valuable Lessons We’ve Learned From Snooping

Thanksgiving Activities: 7 Super Fun Holiday Date Ideas

Nag-Free Week: The Most Annoying Girlfriend Behaviors, Ranked (IG)

What Your Drink Says About You: First Date Tips From A Bartender

5 Valuable Lessons From Meeting The Parents

Now It’s The Guy’s Turn: The 13 Scariest Things We’ve Seen In Her Bedroom

Time To Scream: The 13 Scariest Things We’ve Seen In His Bedroom

4 Valuable Lessons From Getting Back Together

6 Valuable Lessons From Having A Friend With Benefits

4 Valuable Lessons From Dating A Co-Worker

Why Divorce Is More Stressful For Men

4 Valuable Lessons We Learned From Coming Out

4 Valuable Lessons From Having (Really) Bad Sex

6 Valuable Lessons From Dating Mr. Wrong

The Ultimate Guide To Being A Wingman

Want A Healthier Relationship? Stop Focusing On ‘The Big O’!

Bottoms Up! 7 Dates For Beer Lovers

7 Dates You Must Go On Before Summer Ends

7 Best Labor Day Weekend Ideas For Couples

Health & Fitness


Cocaine Yoga Mat Debuted In Miami

FN’s Daily Dish: Cinnamon Amaranth Breakfast Porridge 

FN’s Daily Dish: The Dream Bar

Negate What You Ate: Thanksgiving Edition (INFOGRAPHIC)

How To Be Grateful Every Day

Why We Love A Good Scare (Infographic)

Negate What You Ate: Halloween Treats (Infographic)

Surprising Ways To Manage Your Weight

Should You Get In On The Green Juice Cleanse?

FN’s Guide To Healthy Tailgating


6 Organic Foods That Are Actually Better For You

What’s The Hype Over The Mediterranean Diet?

Don’t Be Duped By Organic Food Labels



DIY: Your Own Weekend Spa Getaway

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