Talk Tinder To Me

Greetings blog-iverse!

It’s been far too long. The transition into big-girl life has been a bit of a bumpy ride, between every slept-through alarm, spilled coffee, and missed train—on a good week— but I’d say that I’m finally getting the hang of it.

There are many perks of working in a small office aside from not having to share a refrigerator with a multitude of intimidating higher-ups and thus, living in fear of being the intern who ate their lunch (Is this my Chobani? I can’t remember…what flavor did I bring today? Did I put it next to that fat-free, sugar-free, low-carb water bottle? Screw it…I’ll just starve).

For starters- there are far fewer people there to judge you during morning rituals, which lately have consisted of a moment of silence in front of my portable fan to mourn yet another bouncy blow-out turned sweaty pony tail during the heat wave.

The small office setting also breeds fast friendships, one of which has proven to be both detrimental to my overall office productivity and dear to my heart.

James and I were destined to be friends. Between our shared sense of style, sarcasm, and love of all things Carrie Bradshaw, I’d have to say we are a match made in New York City heaven, despite our New Jersey mailing addresses (we also share an empire state of mind that our bank accounts have yet to catch up with).

While I’d categorize both of us as “romantics,” James is definitely more proactive in his pursuit of “the one” (and by proactive I mean active on over 5 different online dating platforms). He’s constantly scolding me about my lack of online-dating presence, and after a few five dollar cosmos…I caved.

“Maybe James is right. Maybe the love of my life is just one Tinder swipe away,” I thought, as I re-downloaded the app, and gave it another go.

I mean…why not?


Here is why not. So there you have it. It’s been real, my fellow Tinderians—in a not-at-all kind of way. Consider this blog post to be my official Tinder-resignation letter.

Prince Charming, if you’re reading this, don’t be discouraged—I’m sure you’ll find me in a bar somewhere!