Things I Resolve To Do in 2014 (Maybe)

“Ugh I forgot to wash my face. But I’m already in bed…how dirty could my face possibly be? I should get up. I should totally get up. I should clean my room tomorrow. And organize my closet. And recycle.”


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Yes I’m aware that it’s January 19th. Punctuality is a lifelong goal of mine. Along with:

  • Getting out of bed the second time my alarm goes off
  • Spilling less than 3 beverages a day #babysteps
  • Buying a sense of direction (I heard Etsy is selling those now)
  • Throwing things away when I finish eating them instead of looking like a creepy container hoarder until the next time I happen to move
  • “I’m five minutes away, I swear!” “Tiffany I can hear the faucet I know you didn’t leave the house.” “……..Sorry” 
  • ^^Doing less of that
  • Drinking less coffee
  • Buying makeup that actually matches my skin tone as opposed to self-tanning more than a B-list celebrity
  • Walking to work instead of taking the subway (unless its cold out)
  • (Or I’m tired)
  • (Or late)
  • Wearing the outfit that I picked out the night before instead of changing 25 times before eventually settling on my original choice
  • Understanding that Long Island Iced Teas are never okay
  • Eating more green things (Airheads don’t count)
  • Buying bottles of wine for quality instead of quantity
  • Wearing lipstick everyday
  • Putting more effort into finding a stable relationship (on opposite day)
  • Reducing my tendency to piss off waitstaff (apparently they don’t like when you ask what the cheapest drink on the menu is)
  • Writing in my blog more

A wise man on Pinterest once said ““Do you want to know who you are? Don’t ask. Act! Action will delineate and define you.”

Wish me luck!